Have you considered aluminum?

Choose aluminum over wood for your outdoor structure and be amazed at the difference!

We get quite a few customers asking us what the benefit is for an aluminum patio cover over a wood structure. To be honest there are a lot of reasons. Unlike aluminum patio cover designs from the past, modern day technology has advanced aluminum patio covers and pergolas to have a aesthetically pleasing look to them. With our aluminum products, we custom design each structure to fit your needs and add to the appeal of your home. Whether you have a manufactured or stick built, siding or stucco, small or large we can create a space that won”t look like an after thought.

Our aluminum patio covers and pergolas are constructed of embossed aluminum with a wood-grain texture and a baked on enamel finish. You still get the look of wood without any of the hassle. Worried about the wind? Don”t be. All of our aluminum patio covers and pergolas are engineered and built to withstand our Tri Cities winds and weather. Our products can withstand much more abuse from the elements, where a wood cover will deteriorate that much quicker when exposed to the same forces. Aluminum requires no harmful toxins to maintain it”s features, as opposed to a wood cover that will need to be resealed and water proofed many times over it”s short life span. The aluminum is maintenance free…..just spray it down with your garden hose and you are good to go!

Aluminum structures, in most cases, are becoming less expensive than wood structures.  Factor in that wood products, over time become effected by the elements and aluminum does not. Wood products have to be maintained every year which is costly and time consuming, this not necessary with aluminum. Since aluminum has long lasting durability, it can stand up to the elements for a virtually maintenance-free period of years. Aluminum will never rot, rust, fade,chip or crack. This means that you will be helping the environment as well, by building a patio cover or pergola that is made of 100% recyclable material. You can even recycle a patio cover after it”s been up for 20 years.

See for yourself ! Take a look at the before and after of this patio. Over time, the wood structure has been effected by the elements. The intended maintenance fell short for many years and it shows. The aluminum cover that replaced it will keep it”s “”like new” look for years to come. So, the choice seems crystal clear. Here at Backyard by Design, aluminum patio covers and pergolas improve the way you live outdoors!