So, are you at the point where you are ready to add a sunroom? Still in the planning stages and want more knowledge? Let”s go over a few questions before considering all of your options. What direction will your room be facing? How much sunlight will your room get? What size is the space?  Once these answers are determined we can move on to choosing which options will fit your specific needs.  Our surooms have design flexibility, allowing you to customize your new living space, making your sunroom the place everyone wants to be! Let”s start with answering some of the most common questions.

What type of rooms are available? We offer a wide range of styles and features. Most commonly chosen is the  single pitch sunroom and the gabled sunroom which are available in 2 and 4 inch. Both have have a SolarX  insulated sunroom roof system, made with a textured ceiling finish. The insulated roof  is available in 3, 4 and 6 inch thickness (up to R-25) allowing you to choose how much insulation you want.  The optional Illumaview insulated stylights are a common upgrade and if you would like to add a ceiling fan or extra lighting fixtures, the optional fan beam is a great choice as well.

What options are available?  Let”s start with color options.  Our sunroom systems are available in white or adobe. The wall board can also be painted to match the exterior of your home. A great choice, making the room look as if it was apart of your home from the start rather than just an addition.  Next, let”s talk about window options.Whether you want floor to ceiling glass or a combination of wall board and glass, our operable, non-operable windows and transoms feature a durable insulated low-e glass, designed for maximum energy efficiency. An added bonus…Removable sashes! You can quickly and easily remove the window sashes and your sunroom becomes a screen room. Nothing like getting the most for your money! Last is door options. Our sunrooms come standard with either a full view (glass) door or a slider. Upgrading to a french door is a great option to consider if you entertain, allowing you to expand your homes living area just by opening the doors.

Is it energy efficient? Whether you like your space hot, cold or anywhere in between, our sunrooms are designed using high quality materials unsurpassed in energy efficiency. The extruded aluminum frame ensures durability and structural integrity. Important, here, in the Tri Cities with our winds. The frame is designed with “thermal breaks” that do not allow the transfer of heat or cold. Our wall board panels are made with Polyiso foam aprox. R-28. Our windows are standard low-e 2 and are available in low-e 3 for maximum energy savings.

Want to know best part of the whole process? If we start installing on a Monday…you will be sitting in your new sunroom by the weekend. Quality workmanship, quality materials and limited lifetime warranty. What are you waiting for? Call for your free estimate today!